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Writing Services

agile, efficient, and creative legal research and writing support for Alberta's lawyers


Orion Legal Research wants to be your partner in advocating for your client by providing you persuasive, professional written advocacy, whether by working collaboratively with you or by taking the lead on the written work on your file. Match the time, effort and skill that you bring into the courtroom and boardroom with the time, effort and skill that we'll put into the written work that accompanies you there.

Written Submissions

Whether in the form of a confirming letter for a special chambers application, a brief submission on costs, a script for your own submissions to the Court, or any other form of written advocacy, we can provide well-researched, thoroughly-cited and professional looking arguments.

Trial Briefs and Facta

Our clients have described our work on these substantial writing projects as a "godsend." If you are already working around the clock to prepare for a hearing, rest easier knowing that the arduous work of written argument is already in progress, and done at a cost both your business and your client can comfortably pay.

Editorial Services

We have been writers and editors for longer than we have been lawyers. If your own writing is looking for revision and refinement, our lawyers are prepared to make your work the most professional and persuasive that it can be. As part of this service we can provide note-up and research review along the way.

Other Legal Writing

Legal writing is not limited to the papers you put before the Court. We take on writing projects of every description: drafting orders from transcripts, ghostwriting papers and articles, copywriting for your firm's website, we've even written questions for comedy quiz shows for bar association meetings. If you want it written, we can write it.